2020 Europain exhibition

Donald K.

27 November 2019, Paris – Le Cordon Bleu will take part in the Europain exhibition from 11 to 14 January, at the Porte de Versailles, in Paris.
For the first time, as a partner of the exhibition, Le Cordon Bleu Paris has been chosen to create a Europain Lab with its students. This new and inspirational boulangerie concept, measuring 280 m2, was set up by Sylvie Amar & Partners, in partnership with Moulins Viron. The idea behind this pop-up boulangerie, which will be open throughout the exhibition and also offer a range of snacks, came from a team educational project, on which Le Cordon Bleu Paris institute students were given the opportunity to work.

An innovative educational project which encourages entrepreneurship

As part of an educational project, 15 Le Cordon Bleu Paris institute Boulangerie programme students worked on their vision of the boulangerie of the future during a 3 month period. They were able to work on the project with students from other training programmes at the Institute, such as those studying pastry, and students taking the Bachelor of Business in Culinary Arts. From a variety of backgrounds and of differing nationalities, they were divided into teams and worked with one of the Institute’s Chef Instructors, in a set-up similar to that of a micro-business, as they strove to find solutions to meet consumers’ expectations.

“We were keen to give our students the opportunity to experience an innovative educational method. They quickly embraced the idea and demonstrated high level professionalism during the whole process. They came up with some extremely interesting ideas, thanks to their diverse backgrounds and cultures. Some of them even showcased their entrepreneurial skills. We can’t wait to see the Europain Lab up and running, where the students’ project will come to life,” explained Boulangerie Technical Director Chef Olivier Boudot.