Is Your Digital Marketing Strategy Up-To-Date? Different Ways to Invest in Digital Marketing


Marketing is a multi-faceted job that requires knowledge of each channel and its use cases. Digital marketing has seen numerous changes in the last few years, with every company going digital. This leads to many changes in consumer behavior as well as what they expect from brands.

The emergence of digital marketing has given rise to new channels for marketers to use to reach audiences and engage them with their content. These channels are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and more.

You can use brand search ads to let people find you even when they’re just casually talking about you!

Brand search ads are an effective way to make sure that potential customers can find your business easily. This is especially true if people are searching for your specific name, or a variation of it.

If a brand has a landing page, they can use this service to make it the first thing that Google shows in search. It’s all about making sure people find the content they’re looking for and the brand they were hoping to find.

Since searchers often don’t click on ads most of the time, brands want their ads to come up right at the top of the page. And with a click-to-tweet feature, you get more engagement because users are allowed to choose what their tweet says.


If a person researches your brand, they see you on social media, and they don’t buy from you or become a lead, then retargeting helps to connect with that person.

Retargeting is often the last chance for somebody who looks at your site and researches your brand but never becomes a lead.

They’re thinking about it,  they’re in research mode maybe they got interrupted, they just didn’t finish the check-out process whatever it might be, they leave and then go on about their day so basically retargeting keeps you in front of them so when you go to Instagram and face check the weather and what movies are playing this weekend and all these things, they are seeing your ads follow them around everywhere they go and that keeps you top of mind so when they are ready to buy they think of you first and you get the sale. The beauty of retargeting is that it is exceptionally low cost. As your list grows over time so you have more visitors to your site as an example your retargeting list continues to increase which is more people seeing your brand out there every day. it’s renting space their mind and to capture market share, you first have to capture mind share and retargeting help to do that.  it’s well worth the investment, it is a low cost per click but a very high ROI. 


Inbound search ads are a type of paid search advertising that focus on drawing potential customers to your website and not just driving them to your landing page.

Inbound search ads work by targeting people who are searching for related queries related to the products or services you offer, and then showing up at the top of the results page.

When someone clicks on an inbound ad, they will be brought over to your site with a destination URL that is unique to this particular ad.

This format has many benefits including more conversions and lower cost per conversion, which means higher ROI for advertisers.

This type of advertising is great if you’re looking for highly targeted traffic.


If you still have money to invest and you have fully saturated the end balance so you’re always on top every time somebody looks for you on inbound search and you still want to grow your business and you still have money to invest, at this point it is a perfect time to pivot to a targeted outbound strategy.


An outbound strategy would be investing in Facebook and Instagram ads, YouTube ads any type of outbound strategy. It could even be billboards on the highway in your local area, it could be TV advertising, these are all outbound strategies. outbound just means that you’re running advertising to an audience of people that may be interested in your products or services if they see an ad about. This is a good marketing strategy to layer in and implemented after you have perfected the inbound, so you get a good ROI. These builds added trust and credibility and will ultimately help you build your brand even further.

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