mondomedeusah creative : Fashion And Beauty Incubator Workshops

What is the Fashion And Beauty Incubator?

The Fashion And Beauty Incubator is a workshop that is hosted by the mondomedeusah creative arts group. Every month in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa, Ontario Canada. We host creative interactive workshop for:

  • Makeup Artists (students, independent and professionals)
  • Hair Stylists (students, independent and professionals)
  • Models (amateur, emerging, independent and professionals)
  • Fashion Designers (students and emerging)
  • Photographers (students, emerging and professionals)

What is the purpose of The Fashion And Beauty Incubator and How did it all start?

In the summer of 2011 we launched #theopensourceloveproject. This creative project was a gathering amongst our creative arts group, friends and business partners alike to come together in the comfort of a studio environment and private facilities to get creative and style models, experiment on new styles of makeup and hair techniques and have our photographers photograph our models in a fun and creative environment. With the launch of our Fashion And Beauty Incubator Workshop Group, we will offer members of the public in various creative industries listed above, to come together and take part in an open and interactive environment in the comfort of our creative studios. At the end of the evening everyone will leave with a combined creative portfolio of photographs that they can use in their own professional portfolios.

What benefits do we offer to our members?

We provide the studio, you create your own styles!

Hair Stylists

Students, independent and professional hairstylists alike are invited to join our monthly creative beauty workshops and work your creative magic on our models! Art is all about expression and in our workshops we encourage all artists to push their creative boundaries in creating new and innovative styles. Perhaps you saw a great style in a magazine that you would like to try out, our fashion and beauty incubator workshops is the perfect place to start. All models will be photographed in various themes of: fashion, alternative fashion, glamour, lingerie, and art nude style photoshoots. All of our hair style members will leave with a collection of professional images photographed by our professional photographers. This is an excellent opportunity for students and professionals to work together and network, make new friends and maybe even launch their own professional careers!

Makeup Artists

Whether you are a student or a professional makeup artist, the most important thing in your industry is being able to sell yourself with a professional portfolio whether you are working independently, starting your own business or even working with or running your own professional makeup business. The Fashion And Beauty Incubator Group will allow you to practice and style professional models in a professional studio environment. Our photographer members will then photograph the models and you will leave with anywhere from 200 - 300+ professional images for your professional portfolio.


Whether you are a student, emerging photographer or a professional, The Fashion And Beauty Incubator Group will allow you to build a professional portfolio and photograph all genres of models in fashion, alternative fashion, artistic nude, erotica and glamour. Most modeling commercial modeling agencies do not offer alternative fashion and art nude models for hire. By joining our group we offer members the opportunity in building a vast and diverse creative and professioanl photography portfolio. Not only will our members leave with a collection of great photos, but they will also have the opportunity to network with like-minded creative professionals and models in their field of work where they can connect with to build and work on their own personal or business-related creative projects.

mondomedeusah creative : Fashion And Beauty Incubator Workshops




Half Day Class: $1,200