Enclave : Artist Urban Action : Launch June 15, 2012

The launch of an experimental new arts infrastructure in London PV June 15, 2012 // 18 h until 21 h 30 // + afterparty // ENCLAVE // London

The Exhibition continues June 15 until July 15, 2010 // Fri-Sun 12 h until 18 h (gallery) // Late opening and performance day Friday June 20, 2012 // 12 h until 20 h 30

Enclave commissions : Quarantania with Eva Kotátková / Neha Choksi / Taus Makhacheva curated by David Thorp (main gallery) / Adam Christensen (residency & invitational cinematic events) / Toby Huddlestone (performative lecture installation) / Conal McStravick (residency, selected by LUX) / Oliver Basciano (Writer in Residence) / Jean-Christophe Nicolas (Virtual Artist in Residence) / Lucy A. Sames (publication) /

Enclave resident project spaces : news of the world, a new space by Centre of Attention / Anarch / Divus & Umelec Magazine / ALISN / Occupy My Time & Kitchinsynch.

Including artists : Jonathan Airborne, ATOI (Amy Thomas & Oliver Irvine), Leanne Bell, Mark Bell, Sara Bevan, Owen Bowden, Sue Cohen, Thomas Cohen (S.C.U.M), Alessandro Columbano, Shona Davis and Dave Monaghan, Barbara Dean, Bea Denton, Bella Easton, Raimi Gbadamosi, Ian Gonczarow, Jason Hicklin, Karin Kihlberg and Rueben Henry, Juliette Losq, Iavor Lubomirov, David Martin, Maslen and Mehra, Jem Noble, Paul O’Neill, Jessica Piddock, Pavel Reisenauer, Greg Rook, (SAC) (inc. Simone Hutchinson & Alexander Kennedy), Alexander Small, Patrick StPaul, Michael Stubbs, Barry Sykes, Dolly Thompsett, Annabel Tilley, Angel Vergara, Marianne Walker, Grant Watson and Andy Wicks.

Enclave is a new-build arts infrastructure in Deptford, South London, housing a strip of nine project spaces, gallery, art offices and coffee shop. The project spaces will actively pursue independent programs benefiting from Enclave's communal action to generate collaborations and production both on-site and much further afield. The Enclave gallery will evolve with a programme of outcomes by these spaces with additional curatorial symposia, exchanges, international residencies and multi-cultural film clubs that aim to develop both institutional dialogue and social engagement.

An experimental Enclave web portal designed by Jean-Christophe Nicolas is now online providing live access to all project space announcements and a virtual gallery.

Enclave sits within a new masterplan for Deptford and was originally built by council and renewal developers. temporarycontemporary have taken over the site to create what will become a self-sustaining model of artist networks and public outcome. Enclave is itself an urban action conceived by artist Anthony Gross. It is an on-going research project around entropy and social enterprise - a result of the Event Horizon social club and The Old Police Station projects.

The first programmed exhibition at the Enclave gallery will be Francis Thorburn solo show, August 30 until September 30, 2012.

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